The Ins & Outs of Low Level Laser Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



The musculoskeletal system is quite complex, and we see many different conditions develop as a result of this complexity. The inner workings of the musculoskeletal system are still being studied and medical professionals are constantly finding new treatments and care pathways for a variety of different conditions.

Between the layout of the muscles, the alignment of the bones, that status of the connective tissues that bring all of these components together, and everything else that comprises the musculoskeletal system, there are many opportunities for problems to arise.

One common problem that we see afflict the musculoskeletal system is carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the nerves that run to and from the hand become swollen and there is pressure on these nerves coming from the bones that surround them. This pressure results in inflammation, swelling, and chronic pain both in the wrist, the hands, the fingers, and the forearms. This condition usually occurs as a result of the repetition of some movements and it is often associated with movements like typing on a keyboard. This repetition leads to overuse of the muscles in these areas, causing excessive stress and thus pressure between the bones and the nerves.

Chiropractic care can help patients with carpal tunnel syndrome with a variety of treatment interventions. One of the more popular treatment interventions for this condition is low level laser therapy. This involves the use of lasers with very low frequencies and wavelengths that are administered onto an injured area in an effort to reach deep into the tissues. These lasers are able to help clear out any inflammation and a given area and restore blood flow to the area. Low laser therapy can be extremely helpful because if the inflammation in the wrists and hands is reduced, then there is less pressure on the nerves in this area and communication can be restored to a normal level.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to chronic pain and significantly decreased quality of life. With chiropractic care, we are better able to treat common yet abstract conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and prevent further development of the condition moving forward. When left untreated, carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent nerve damage. This could cause permanement disability in the extremities, therefore it is vital to treat this painful condition as soon as possible.

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