What Makes Chiropractic Tables Effective?


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To administer any sort of chiropractic care intervention, a chiropractor must have the right equipment for the job. The proper equipment set starts with the chiropractic table. These are not just any tables, however. The chiropractic table has the ability to arrange the body in a certain way that is optimal to perform adjustments. There are mathematical calculations that take into account the anatomy of the body, as well as the conditions that a patient could be experiencing and when engineers go to design these tables, the finished product is perfectly fitted for the needs of the chiropractor and of the patient.

There are multiple different types of chiropractic tables for different treatments, as well as different ideal positions to administer these treatments. The most common type of chiropractic table used is the flexion table. The American Chiropractic Association claims that over 50% of chiropractic clinics across the nation use the flexion distraction technique for adjustments in their practice. These tables are designed for this adjustment technique specifically and due to the frequency in which this technique is used, we see a high amount of practices using flexion tables.

Another common type of chiropractic table used is the elevation table. When performing a chiropractic adjustment, it is crucial to be able to adjust the table depending on a given patient’s height, weight, and physical abilities. Elevation tables provide chiropractors with the ability to arrive at the perfect position for a patient’s height while simultaneously providing patients with comfort and the best results.

Stationary tables are relatively outdated, but by no means are they obsolete. These tables are still common throughout many chiropractic clinics because of their durability. Rather than having so many components like newer, more technologically advanced tables, stationary tables have minimal parts meaning that there is a lower potential for problems.

Chiropractors need to correct equipment if they are going to be able to perform adjustments and arrive at the best musculoskeletal health outcomes possible. In choosing the right table for a chiroprator’s given skillset, chosen adjustment technique, and specialty, chiropractors can guarantee high quality chiropractic care for anyone who comes to the clinic.

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