Swinging for Back Pain Relief – How Kettlebells Can Help

Kettlebell Masterclass 11-06Have you ever heard of a kettlebell? It is quite popular in the fitness world, and it is very effective in preventing and reducing back pain. Training with kettlebells provides a type of resistance training that will actually strengthen a person’s spine. It can be an effective exercise to increase overall strength, endurance, and flexibility in a person’s entire body, especially in a person’s core and spinal muscles. Please always consult a physician before trying a new workout routine or diet.

Kettlebells? What is That?

A kettlebell is a round weight that is made from cast iron and features only one handle. If you imagine a cannonball that has a u-shaped handle, you will have a perfect vision of a kettlebell. They are available in a wide array of different weights, providing a perfect workout companion for any fitness level.

When you train with kettlebells you will be incorporating large and functional types of movements. There are multiple muscle groups that will work in synergy in order to complete the exercises. The muscles of the spinal column will provide the primary mover, or actually assist the primary moving muscle in each exercise that is done. Additionally, all of the spinal muscles will help to stabilize the body while functional kettlebell training is being done, which will help to strengthen the spinal muscles and decrease the amount of pain that is present in this area.

How Can Kettlebells Help “Swing” Away Back Pain?

There are many times that back pain is not actually caused by the muscles of the back, but instead a group of muscles that are known as the Posterior Chain. This includes the glutes, spinal erectae and hamstrings. While most exercises are focused on only the minor muscles, which are in the front of the body, these are actually the major muscles in the back of the body.

Over 80 percent of individuals suffer with back pain from one point or another in their lives. Much of this back pain could have easily been avoided if individuals had done more strength training exercises.

Kettlebell exercises are one of the most effective and efficient exercises that can strengthen these muscles, thus preventing back pain from occurring in the first place. Some of the exercises that should be completed to aid any back pain issues include:

  • The Kettlebell Swing
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Kettlebell presses and curls

Look up how to do these moves properly on Youtube or with the assistance of a certified personal trainer.

It is important to learn the proper way to perform these exercises from a professional, licensed trainer in order to prevent injury. Kettlebells, when used incorrectly, can actually cause substantial muscle damage. However, when used properly, with the right combination of moves, back pain can not only be reduced and eliminated, it can be prevented for those who use the workout method regularly.


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