The Five Most Common Back Pain Mistakes

Each DayBack pain affects about 80% of people at least once in their lifetime. While back pain may be a common theme for many, that doesn’t mean that it should be treated lightly. Many people go about treating their back pain in a completely wrong way. Not only is this ineffective, but it can also cause more damage in the long run. Are you guilty of making one of these common back pain mistakes?

You Don’t Take Back Pain Serious Because You Are in Good Shape

There is a common misconception going around. Some individuals think that if they are in good shape they are immune to serious joint and muscle problems. While being in good shape is definitely beneficial for back pain, it is also important to understand why you are having back pain.

If you are truly healthy, then you should not have a problem with your back. Therefore, it is important for doctors to rule out any major issues, including early signs of arthritis. Also, if you like to workout, it may actually be your work out that is aggravating your back pain further. Don’t assume you are healthy and have nothing to worry about. Instead, seek a professional opinion just to be safe.

You Don’t Seek Out Medical Treatment at the First Sign of an Injury

How many times have you called into work to take a sick day because you threw out your back again? Don’t just assume your back pain is minor, instead, have it checked out by a medical professional. It is possible that you seriously injured yourself and need to take the proper time to heal.

You Think Back Pain is a One-Time Thing

For most, back pain is an ongoing condition that needs to be taken care of. It needs to be taken care of and prevented through regular strength training exercises and stretches and regular visits to the chiropractor. If you have an injured back and think that you are fine because you don’t always feel pain, you are setting yourself up for greater back pain in the future.

You Treat the Symptoms and Not the Cause

It is a good idea to put ice and heat on your back to relieve the pain. There are even tropical creams and over the counter pain medications that can help. However, you are just treating the initial pain when you use these remedies. You are not actually treating the underlying cause, such as an injury or misalignment.

You Believe that You Have Tried Everything for Your Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, there are so many treatments available, both natural and medical. It is best to start with the natural route under your doctor’s supervision. Try a chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, and even massage therapy before giving up hope. If none of those treatments work, a specialized doctor will be able to discuss other treatment options with you.

Are you guilty of one of these back pain misconceptions? Don’t just live with your back pain. Instead, do something about it. Get back the life you love without the pain.

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